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Cinnamoroll Backpack

The Cinnamoroll Backpack avatar accessory.

The Cinnamoroll Backpack is a free Roblox avatar shop back accessory, that once owned, can be worn on a player's Roblox avatar into any experience on the platform.

It is distributed through Roblox's sponsorship event with My Hello Kitty Cafe,[1] and is unlocked by earning a badge in My Hello Kitty Cafe between April 25, 2022 and March 30, 2023.[2]

How to get the Cinnamoroll Backpack[]

The Cinnamoroll Backpack is obtained through earning the "Serve 1000 customers!" badge in My Hello Kitty Cafe.

This requires the player to complete the cafe tutorial and then reach 1000 customers served in total.

The total amount of customers served for your town is visible on the right side of your Cafe (the main large restaurant), once you have unlocked it in the Tutorial.


These steps make it easier to earn the "Serve 1000 customers!" badge as fast as possible, which rewards the Cinnamoroll backpack.

  1. Join My Hello Kitty Cafe:
  2. Complete the tutorial. (The tutorial can be skipped, but it is suggested to play it so that it is easier to complete the badge.)
  3. Progress in leveling up by developing the Cafe.
    1. The best things to do are to level up to get better equipment for higher-selling products for the Cafe, then add more tables and chairs gradually so more customers can be served at once.
    2. However, be careful to not add too many tables at first, as it may exhaust the staff too fast.
  4. Help the staff serve tables in the Cafe to process more customers.
  5. Eventually, a total of 1000 customers will be served. Once you have received the "Serve 1000 customers!" badge, wait a few minutes, and check your Back Accessories in your Roblox inventory or the Roblox avatar editor to find the Cinnamoroll Backpack. (This is on the Roblox website or app, not in-game.)


A common problem that players have been reporting is that they have earned the "Serve 1000 customers!" badge, but have not received the Cinnamoroll Backpack accessory. Rock Panda Games developers have advised that if this happens, to delete the badge from your inventory[3], then rejoin My Hello Kitty Cafe to be awarded the badge again, which may grant you the accessory.

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Notes & references[]

  3. To delete a badge from your inventory, go to the badge's page, click the three dots at the top right next to the name of the badge, and click "Delete from Inventory". You may need to be viewing the Roblox website to do this, not the Roblox mobile app.